Plouton Datacenter I, Inc. 506 ( c ) Offering


Plouton Datacenter I, Inc. (the "Issuer") was formed for the purpose of providing participating investors with a real estate focused investment opportunity into a highly specialized sub-sector of the commercial real estate market that combines income, principal investment growth, and elements of capital preservation.

Plouton Datacenter is managed by Plouton Group, LLC (“Sponsor”), through its wholly owned subsidiary Plouton Datacenter I, LLC ("Operating Company"), that specializes in real estate and technology. Plouton is managed by three highly experienced real estate and finance professionals with a combined 63 years of experience in the real estate and technology market.

Solar Powered Data Center

It has never been more profitable to produce electricity from the SUN.

At $0.60 kWh and a 25-Year warrantee, it only costs 0.2 cents ($0.002) kWh

per month to produce almost-free electricity during the most expensive time of use


Plouton Datacenter I, Inc. 506 ( c ) Offering


The Project Site:

A wholly-owned subsidiary of the Issuer owns a 50-acre parcel in the arid Mojave - Kern County region in California, approximately 95 miles (1.5-hr drive) from Downtown Los Angeles the “Project Site”, where it plans to construct a solar-powered datacenter facility, the “Datacenter”.  The Project Site is located at Backus Road and 40th Street in an unincorporated area of Kern County, California.  The solar panel installation is expected to cover approximately 49 of the 50 acres with the Datacenter facility occupying the remaining one acre at the Project Site.

The Mojave - Kern County presents an attractive location for implementing a solar-powered Datacenter operation.  The particular area of the Mojave-Kern County were the Project Site is located enjoys approximately 340 days of sunlight each year and the highest average daily solar radiation in the continental United States.  This area also experiences an average temperature of 72°F. Highs in the summer months do reach the low 90s for 5-6 hours per day, but in the shade even summer temperatures remain in the high 70s to low 80s.

The Datacenter:

The Operating Company intends to use the proceeds of the offering that it receives from the Issuer to construct and operate a solar powered Datacenter facility (the “Datacenter”) on a 50-acre parcel of land in the western portion of the Mojave - Kern County in California (the “Project Site”). At full capacity, the Datacenter will house approximately 40 - 50 MW in computer server consumption supported by a surrounding PV solar farm capable of producing 40 to 50 MW of electricity.  The solar facility built at the Project Site will be captive to the Datacenter, meaning that it will solely supply electricity directly to the Datacenter. As a result Plouton Datacenter will be able to reduce the operational cost of electricity to the $0.012 kWh (1.2 cents) range. This gives Plouton Datacenter an operational advantage to the rest of the industry where the price averages are 2 to 3 times higher.


Investment ESG Trifecta

Plouton Datacenter hits the ESG trifecta of investment opportunity.

  • Renewable Energy (ESG)

  • Real Estate Development Ownership

  • Monthly Dividend Payouts


Plouton Datacenter I, Inc. 506 ( c ) Offering


100+ Years of Experience in Real Estate - Technology - Finance - Law

Ramak J. Sedigh

Co-Founder | Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Sedigh has been a life-long entrepreneur across many industries who is bringing his multi-disciplinary talents and track record of success back to the cross roads of technology & real estate.  Mr. Sedigh began his professional life in the real estate industry by building a 1900-unit apartment portfolio in the 1980s. Later, he started, built and sold a successful online tenant screening service with one of the early nationwide criminal databases in the US.  Mr. Sedigh has a BS in Political Science from the University of Houston. Age 52.

Cole G. Walton

Co-Founder | Chief Investment Officer

Mr. Walton is a student of markets and brings a host of financial expertise to Operating Company. In addition to his role with the Sponsor, Mr. Walton is currently serving as Head Trader at Kanos Capital.  Prior to joining Kanos, Mr. Walton was a Principal at Price Wealth Management in Austin, Texas and was a Financial Analyst at Morgan Stanley Private Wealth Management in Houston, Texas. Mr. Walton holds a law degree from The South Texas College of Law and is a Registered Investment Adviser. Age 37.

Austin E. Davis

Co-Founder | Chief Strategy Officer

Mr. Davis is a strong proponent of digital technology ventures and has driven successful fundraising and revenue deals. Mr. Davis has also structured corporate partnerships with early stage tech companies such as Uber and Lemonade Insurance.  Mr. Davis holds a Masters in Materials Science & Engineering + Bachelor’s in Industrial & Information Systems Engineering from North Carolina State University. Age 37.

Cheyenne S. Tanner

Operations & Investor Relations

Ms. Tanner is an operations leader with expansive experience in the Data Center, Web Hosting, and Financial markets. Her broad experience allows her to work dynamically to execute a vision company-wide. Before founding a management consulting firm where she has been engaged for various interim leadership and advisory roles, Ms. Tanner was an integral part of the leadership team to oversee the successful acquisition of Net Data Centers. Ms. Tanner holds an MBA from Pepperdine University, a Bachelor of Science in Business Management, in addition to technical certifications. Age 42.

Abe Mathalon

Investor & Executive Advisor

Mr. Mathalon is a real estate investor and licensed broker in California since 1991.  Mr. Mathalon is the founder and president of Continental Real Estate, with offices in Beverly Hills.  Mr. Mathalon specializes in project financing with both fixed and floating rate alternatives. He has a BS in Real Estate Finance from the University of Southern California, in Los Angeles.


Plouton Datacenter I, Inc. 506 ( c ) Offering


Target and Maximum Capitalization: $7,000,000.00

Minimum Subscription: $100,000.00

The Issuer is offering up to 7,000,000 Shares at base price of $1.00 per share.  If fully subscribed, the aggregate gross proceeds of the Offering to the Issuer will be $7,000,000.00.  There is no minimum Offering amount and the Sponsor intends to begin utilizing the proceeds received in the Offering immediately, as provided in “Use of Proceeds” in the Private Placement Memorandum.

The Sponsor will require a minimum subscription of least 100,000 Shares ($100,000 before any applicable discount) from each Investor.  However, the Sponsor may accept smaller subscriptions from certain Investors in its sole discretion.

Investors in the Shares will have an indirect economic interest in the Operating Company, which plans to earn revenue from operating a solar powered Datacenter where space and power are leased to independent third party Fortune 1000 customers.

Distributions of Operating Company profits will be made to its members (the Issuer and the Sponsor) in the discretion of the Sponsor, typically only after all expenses have been paid or reserves have been set aside for expenses and other items as determined by the Sponsor.

It is expected that the Sponsor will maintain cash reserves at the Operating Company equal in value to at least 12 months of operating expenses at all times.

The Sponsor expects (but is not required) to make monthly distributions to the extent there are available assets to distribute after setting aside such reserves.  Such distributions would typically be made within 15 days of the end of each calendar month.


SDDco Brokerage Advisors LLC (“SDDco-BA;” the “Placement Agent”), a Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) registered broker-dealer, and Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (“FINRA”) and Securities Investors Protection Corporation (“SIPC”) member, has been engaged by the Issuer as the exclusive Placement Agent for the Issuer for this Offering.


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